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Gianfrancesco was the brother of Giovanni Alvise, one of the first great men who believed in me, for whose family I designed the Palazzo al Pozzo Rosso a couple of years later.

The Valmarana family had long owned a large fiefdom in Lisiera, which was being completely reorganized at that time. I was obviously involved, particularly in the reconstruction of the villa, which resembled it when I saw it at Villa Trissino in Cricoli, the place where I was born as Palladio.

In this case, however, between the two towers I would have placed a loggia with columns in a double Ionic order, to rise above the towers, so as to “pacify” the architecture, making the small castle disappear. I would have posed, because there is a difference from drawing to reality, as often happens. And the real architect is time, fate, chance, God, to whom I have been an assistant for what was needed.

Gianfrancesco died the year after my project and the construction site stopped. Leonardo, that son of Giovanni Alvise that several of my other works encountered in different ways, took it up in part.
And another few decades after my departure took it up again, making it a villa different from the others, with that almost noble floor flattened above the first loggia and under the tympanum, at the height of the towers.

The result is an original villa of style and new in my eyes.

Villa Valmarana in Lisiera

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