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The villa of the Thiene had to be grandiose: a castle palace, a palace in colossal order, as well as the one that should have been in the city, as well as the one in the countryside.

For the great Francesco, one of the most magnificent men in my Vicenza, and for his sons Teodoro and Odoardo, my great friends. That was the moment when time stopped for the villa, leaving today only the fragment of a barn as a reminder of what was dreamed and interrupted.

If when I was young, it was still possible to think about religion, it was no longer possible now: the wars between Catholics and Protestants bloodied the entire continent. Pius V, after Pius IV, always supervised the implementation of the conciliar provisions with greater inflexibility.

Thus, eleven years after Francesco's death in France, Odoardo, Count of Cicogna Padovana was forced to flee to Geneva, soon followed by his wife Diamante. Did I have something to do with it too?
It is written: I was present at the notarial deed which sanctioned the transfer of the assets abandoned to his brother Teodoro.

Villa Thiene in Cicogna - Barchessa

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