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A very simple rural building, one of several thousand in our Venetian countryside. Nothing in particular, absolutely nothing.


Doors and windows on a wall, which become signs on a sheet, which become elements to be ordered within a possible score that is capable of transforming it - that building - into an architecture. Framing windows, re-establishing a symmetry of the plant, creating that loggia with three arches that today is only the veil of a design idea.


Relatively little was enough for me, knowing what needed to be done: for this reason Vincenzo Arnaldi, intelligent and rich aristocrat who had already guessed at the time who I was becoming, asked me to start this restructuring.


I understood it later: it would have been enough to start it, to raise the value of the property instrumentally without proceeding to complete the work. But the idea of ​​my work, its essence, is there.

Villa Arnaldi

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