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A palace in the city center, right at the height of the ancient Roman forum on the major road.


The Thiene were the aspiring princes of Vicenza, counting on their friendship with Venice, to which they had helped to deliver the city more than a century earlier. Family divided into two "colonels", that of the dog allied to the king of France, that of the faithful eagle of the emperor.


Weaving international relations with Rome, Florence, Mantua, the Thiene went closer than anyone else to Vicenza to become what were the Dalla Scala for Verona or the Carraresi for Padua. Very wealthy, they needed the most sumptuous palace of all, above their friends Da Porto, above the Valmarana.


What I realized as a young man, based on the project of the much more illustrious Giulio Romano, remains the fragment of a dream, that of great men, some of whom were my friends, who dared, teaching me to dare.


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Thiene Palace

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