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Corso Palladio, what an honor ... Thinking that my pseudonym is the only one to have been associated with the Strada Maior, as it has always been called, since it was the stretch of Postumia that crossed our Roman city, still fills me today of pride.


At its extremities, immediately some of my architectures: on the side of the Castle, here is another palace of mine for the Thiene family, for the branch of Francesco who had inherited his part in the division of assets here, next to another building that I had designed for the wife's family.


I thank Vincenzo Scamozzi, my best pupil, for having also created this work of mine. Without him, and without my other apprentices, today my patrimony to humanity would be much less. Also in this Historia, to which I am eternally grateful, he had the grace to help me.

Thiene Bonin Longare Palace

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