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Only at the age of seventy I was finally in charge of the project of a church in Vicenza.

All my basilicas are in Venice, like San Francesco della Vigna, of which S. Maria Nova is the poor sister. Here were nuns, many daughters of many of my patrons and friends, daughters of Montano Barbarano, Valmarana, Angarano and several other aristocratic families of the city.

Barbarano himself, I was no longer in my earthly life, had financed the creation of one of the fruits of my genius, through the hand of one of my most trusted men, Domenico Groppino.
The single nave, magnificent and powerful in the ancient Corinthian semi-columns, is invaded by the Bertoliana archives, the Vicenza Historical Library: shelves up to the ceiling and folders that house the treasure of the history of our city prevent it from being visited. Unless...

S. Maria Nova Church

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