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1540. My "higher education in architecture" had begun just two years ago. Giangiorgio Trissino had not yet taken me to Rome, I had not yet experienced the grandeur of ancient monuments with my eyes and hands. I had seen many drawings of how Rome was now being designed, Palazzo Madama by Raphael, or Palazzo Caprini by Bramante for example.

And so many drawings I made, for my first enthusiastic commission by the Civena brothers, my first city palace, which would be the first "Renaissance" palace - as they liked to say later - in Vicenza.

No longer the Venetian multi-lancet window in the center, but a regular frame of spans punctuated by pilasters, and all the rest is design - an elegant design of new ancient architecture. What freshness, and how young I was - how much more I had to see, and evolve ...

Civena Palace

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