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Floriano Antonini was the young ambassador of the Udine community in Venice, scion of the richest and most important family in the city.

I had just returned from Rome with Daniele Barbaro, with whom I was working on the Commentaries of Vitruvius, and from whom I was proposed in this period to take on a prestigious official role in Venice. We are talking about the “elected” Patriarch of Aquileia, coadjutor of the Patriarch Gioavanni Grimani.

By now I had become a status symbol for the nobles who wanted to rise through their palace.
I invented again, developing in a new way that idea of ​​hybrid architecture between palace and villa that I was thinking about in those years ...

Antonini Palace

  • Artists: Andrea Palladio

    Client: Floriano Antonini

    Project: 1556

    Construction: 1556 - 1595

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